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Hera is First Officer of the USS Cerberus, from the Federation protectorate Ryloth, a planet that was previously occupied by a subjugating invasion force. Her father was part of the coalition that freed them, and her decision to join Starfleet has driven a rift between them.

Kanan is a half-Betazoid whose parents died in a shuttle accident, and he was raised on Betazed by a loose group of several households. His empathy is well under control, though he does get flickers of telepathy in moments of extremely heightened tension. It's annoying and distracting more than it is useful. He is Security Chief on the USS Cerberus.
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For a third time, Hera slid her stylus over the PADD, reading through her report. It wasn't that she was nervous, but –

No. It was exactly that she was nervous. Which wasn't something Hera was used to feeling, even when she had ample reason for it. She was even fairly certain it was something her captain inspired in her without meaning to. And yet, here she was, looking through her report, again.

Near the end, she rises from her desk, never looking up from the PADD. Hera carries it with her as she walks to the wall of her quarters, moving along it to the Replicator.

"Computer." There was a chime of recognition. Hera still didn't look up. "Water, ten degrees."


Jul. 22nd, 2017 11:24 am
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It's never good when one of the crew takes an injury on a job, but close-range blaster-fire leaves some of the worst marks.

Which is why Hera's currently carrying a tray into Kanan's bunk, loaded up with food that's a little tastier than nutrient paste, as well as replacement bacta and bandages.

"Are you awake?"

Her voice is soft, which means that if Kanan is asleep, the question won't startle him awake (unlike knocking).
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Hera has the lounge to herself for once – yes, it's because she'd sent everyone else off the Ghost on errands, but it was also time she needed alone. Her last conversation is replaying itself over and over in her mind, as she takes stock of the ship's supplies, runs through her datapad, calculates their next flight path.

A holo image of a blue-green planet glows above the dejarik board, rotating slowly. She's left the projector on top of the table, every so often looking back to it as she works, reaching for her datapad again and flipping through it.

Maybe preparing for her next conversation. Though she's used to it by now, she never really likes having to give 'I can't tell you how I know, but this is what we're doing next' news.
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It was supposed to be an easy repair, fiddly but relatively straightforward. But then the stored replacement part was bad, every shop in town was out except for one, which was broken, and the repair to fix that made it an uphill slog to even fit it in the Ghost, due to Chopper and Zeb getting into a fight and leaving at least two drill bits where drill bits did not belong.

And since it was meant to be easy, everyone but Hera and Kanan is out at the cantina enjoying themselves and the two of them are here, exhausted, dusty, and covered in grease. The smell of welding torch is heavy in the air.

Then Hera rolls to her feet, shaking her head a little to clear it.

"You know what? This calls for a drink, and I've just remembered where I left some."
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Another job done, cargo offloaded, information passed, and credits taken in. Not enough for all the repairs and equipment they could use, but definitely enough for food, fuel, and maybe one or two upgrades.

It'll do.

But before getting to that, Hera takes a moment to enjoy some caf, feet up and head aching from incipient stress only the tiniest bit. They're going to need another job, and soon, and that means she and Kanan need to talk about a couple of matters.

Seeing as this partnership of theirs looks like it's going to work out in the long run.

But first, caf. Seriously.


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